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Residing In: Savannah, GA

Studying: Mechanical Engineering at the University of Georgia

Hobbies: Time with friends and family, cars, science, football, basketball, Formula One, sim racing, food, and afternoon naps


  • Composites Technician at Comprent Motorsports in Athens, GA
  • Aerodynamics Co-Lead on the Eagle Motorsports team at Georgia Southern University
  • Express Technician and Jimmy Britt CDJR Statesboro
  • Youth Apprentice at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, GA
  • Member of the UGA Motorsports ChampCar Vehicle Logistics Team
  • Member of the Buccaneer Region SCCA
  • Track days in personal vehicle 
  • Sim Racing on home rig

From Eric:

From a young age, I was always fascinated on how things worked. I loved to take apart things, build things, or anything I could do to learn more. As I got older, this naturally progressed into me pursuing a career in engineering. I started high school taking engineering classes as well as working on projects with engineering-based principles. Including an award-winning project that used electricity and water to create a useable form of hydrogen that could be mixed into intake air for a road car and increase efficiency. Towards the end of high school, I held an internship at Gulfstream Aerospace where I learned the ins and outs of an engineering team and industry. I thought that I wanted to go into Aerospace Engineering, but soon after my internship I fell in love with cars.

I fell in love with working on cars. Which led to performance cars, then racing, then my own personal car to race. I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Southern University where I took every chance I had to learn more about cars and racing. I joined the Eagle Motorsports team where I touched back into my aerospace roots and joined the aerodynamics sub-team. I learned the nuances of airflow, pressure, downforce and drag, and even cooling. I began working at my local Dodge dealership as an Express Technician where I got my fix for hands-on experience working on cars. After two years, I transferred to the University of Georgia to continue the pursuit of my degree and a motorsports career. I now work as a Composites Technician at Comprent Motorsports working with carbon fiber and fiberglass for parts for SCCA series cars. I am also a member of the UGA Motorsports ChampCar team.

I have tried to get behind the wheel in one way or another as much as I can. I own a wonderful 2016 Ford Mustang GT that I take out to AutoX and track days to develop my skills as a driver as well as just enjoy the car. Currently the car is a basic bolt on car, but I plan to do full suspension and brake overhauls as well as custom aerodynamics. Along with my personal car I enjoy sim racing during my free time and use it to develop my racecraft and technique.